About us

The current activities of the Dammers Group of Companies include, but are not limited to the following:


  • As ship agents, handling of all types of vessels;
  • Agents for regular container and non-container carriers;
  • Shipyard agents;  
  • Agents for vessels calling at Curaçao for refueling (bunkering)/loading and/or discharging;
  • Agents for vessels calling off-port to embark/disembark crew and/or for delivery of spares/stores (by launch);
  • Shipmanagement;
  • Ship financing and administration;
  • Ship brokerage and cargo chartering/fixing agents;
  • Brokers for the sale/purchase and construction of ships;
  • Agents/surveyors for the Hellenic Register of Shipping (Classification Society);
  • Clearing and handling of spare parts/shipstores etc.;
  • Coordinating crew transfers (airport) to/from vessels in port and off-shore (by launch);
  • Attending to vessels calling for (underwater) hull/propeller cleaning (or repairs); 
  • Cargo insurance broker for containerized and bulk cargoes. 


Dammers & van der Heide Shipping & Trading (Antilles) Inc. was established in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, in 1964, as a “general” shipagent, but also as a shipmanager and ship- and cargobroker.

On 27 December 2006, our name was officially changed from Dammers & van der Heide Shipping & Trading (Antilles) Inc., to Dammers Shipagencies Inc. (also established in BONAIRE). The modernized and shortened name, has enabled a better branding of our Corporate identity under the Dammers Group umbrella, and will facilitate operations in other areas and countries.

For strategic purposes and in order to better serve our valued customers, over the years separate companies were formed under the DAMMERS GROUP banner, each of which were assigned specific tasks in the shipping services sector, and further underscoring our dedication and specialization:

Dammers Shipmanagement Inc. - Ship management (financial / fiscal management)

Dammers Seamanagement Services Inc. - Projects & liner agency

Curline Inc. - Liner agents

Sealine Inc. - Liner agents

Caribbean Port Agencies Inc. (Aruba) - Projects, vessel & liner agency 

Dutch Carib Line Inc. - Liner agents 


Together, these 7 companies form the DAMMERS GROUP. The Group is FULLY ISO certified. Dammers Shipagencies Inc. are BIMCO members and are TRACE Certified.